Eco Committee 2020 – 21

Listen to our Eco Committee E Book


  • Remember to switch off lights
  • Everyone should help
  • Clean up after yourself when you’re having a picnic
  • You can help to recycle by using paper bins
  • Collect up rubbish and sort it into different bins
  • Let’s all get involved and help the earth
  • Each of us should have a compost bin for our skins

Targets for 2020-21



Every year in school the Eco Committee take part in the  ‘Big School Bird Watch’ and then submit their results to the RSPB.  This year is a little bit different because the children weren’t in school the last week of January to complete this activity.

So we decided to set the Big School Bird Watch as one of our weekly challenges for home learning!  We were delighted with all our entries!  Well done to everyone who got involved.

P1 Planting Sun Flowers May 2021

P1 have been busy planting sun flowers and investigating conditions to get them to grow best. They will now observe them as they grow during May and June.