Please use the links below to access suitable Reading Material for Primary One, Two and Three

Reading Sites suitable for Children in Primary One, Two and Three

Please access following websites for:

Reading Books:  Suitable for all children – Please access reading books from the sites below and select books appropriate for your child.  You will have to register before you can access E Books. – Excellent Resource – Use 15Mins Daily

Oxford Owl offers a comprehensive range of resources that can be used to support your child’s reading development. Of particular interest is the library of E-books. These books are may be used by pupils in P1-P4. An E Book is read to the child or they can read along.  They are also accompanied by a variety of interactive games as well as parental advice.

Access to the site is free through the above link.  You will need to register which is straight forward and then it is easy to navigate to find books suitable for your child with related activities.

Libraries NI

Go to Libraries NI at the link above.  Select Services – Select Become A Member – Click Join Online – Complete All Fields – Click Create Account – Take Note of Your 7 Digit PIN number

You can now download books etc.  You will have to download the ‘Overdrive’ driver to gain access.

Overdrive App

Another facility is the Overdrive app. Pupils who have a library Card from NI libraries are entitled to use this app for free. They will have access to a vast library of free books through this service. The following video will illustrate how to set up the overdrive app on iPad however it can be accessed on android and through computer browsers.  If you google NI Libraries you can also register for children’s access for free.

  1. Download Overdrive App from App Store

  2. Select U13 Category

  3. Add Library

  4. Search for Armagh Library and Select and then Select Libraries NI – Agree Terms

  5. You will then have access to a library portal – select kids – you can search for a range of books – once you have found a book – select borrow – you will be asked for your Library NI Card Number – Key in card number and your book can then be downloaded.

Another excellent resource for daily literacy activities.

Amazon Free Audible Books – Click Here

Lexia Reading Programme for P3 Only

Children will need their Lexia Username and Passwords as sent home in their homework packs

Lexia Phonics Programme (This is available for P3 only). If using a laptop you must use google chrome.

To gain access use teacher’s email –

Children can then use own username and password

Accelerated Reading Programme for Primary Four, Five, Six and Seven.

Please read the instructions below carefully

Accelerated Reading Programme

The Accelerated Reading programme is available for all our children from P4-7.  Pupils should read for 20 Minutes per day and then complete as below.

Each child in P4-7 is asked to select a book at an appropriate level (decided by parent).  Books can be accessed at the link below.

Having completed the book there are two options:

  1. Each child can follow the second link below to complete a quiz on the book, using their username and password that was sent home in your school pack.  You will need to take a note of the name of the book as the quiz numbers do not work.  When you log in to complete the quiz type in the name of the book.

  2. Some books do not have a quiz.  If you have read a book that has no quiz you must complete a book review (as emailed to your parent) and when completed email it back to your teacher.

Class teachers will monitor books being read by each individual via quizzes taken or book reviews emailed .

Step 1:  Selecting and reading the book.

Click here to access Reading Books

Step 2:  Taking a Quiz (Write down name of book to help you remember)

Click here to access Quiz

Mathletics for Children in Primary Four, Five, Six and Seven.

Children will need their username and password as sent home in their homework pack

Mathletics – Children on P5-7 have been using Mathletics and ruing this period of long term closure teachers will continue to assign tasks for your child.  They can also complete other activities within the programme so there is always something they can be doing.

Primary 4 have never used the programme but if you log in and surf about you will find it very straight forward.  Any queries please get ion contact via the school email address and we will get back to you.  Please note Miss O’Neill may have assigned your child tasks.  Your child must complete these tasks before they can complete other optional activities.

Children have all received their username and password in their homework packs.

An additional maths site that can be used to reinforce concepts