Some of the children attending our school may have a special need.  We believe that we offer excellent provision for all children who have been assessed as having a special educational need.

We operate the Department of Education’s Special Educational Needs Code of Practice as detailed in our Special Education Needs Policy as below.


Provision for all children with Special Educational Needs will always be a priority on our School Development Plan.  As such the Board of Governors have appointed two Learning Support Coordinators, Mrs McClelland and Mrs Gollogly,  who have specific responsibility for overseeing the provision of Special Education in our School.

We have created this special section on Special Needs so parents can access all the information they need in a much more efficient way.

Mrs McClelland

Mrs Gollogly

Special Needs Policy 2022

1.1 Policy for SEN and Inclusion 2022

Special Education Needs Parental Leaflets