School Funds:

Many thanks to all those families who have returned their school fund £15.00 voluntary payment. This can be paid at any time throughout the school year. I would also like to congratulate Mr & Mrs Hourican who won the draw for £100 cash back of all paid of families for 2014/15.

School Inspection:  We have just received notification by DENI of a School Inspection.  This will take place on Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th November 2015.  Our last school inspection was in November 2008.  Like then, we look forward to demonstrating to the inspection team the many strong qualities of our school.

Please find a letter attached from the ETI requesting that you complete an online questionnaire as part of the inspection process.  The completion of the questionnaire is an integral part of the inspection process.

I would therefore encourage ALL parents to PLEASE complete the questionnaire.

Halloween Holidays Amendment:

Due to the Inspection the dates of our Halloween Break have had to be modified as follows;

The school will close at 12.00 Noon on Wednesday 28th October 2015.  All children are asked to dress up in Halloween Costume on this day!  Buses will run at 12.00 Noon for all bus children.  There will be no school dinners.

School will reopen on Monday 2nd November 2015 and not Tuesday 3rd November 2015 as planned.  However, the school will be closed on Friday 16th October 2015 for Staff Training.

 Christmas Shoe Boxes – one per family of children in P4 and P7

The families of children in P4 and P7 (one box per family) are asked to fill a shoe box with small presents that will be sent to children in Belarus.  Each shoe box should be wrapped in Christmas Paper with a £2.00 taped to the outside.  Wrap lid and box separately and use an elastic band to attach the lid to the box.  Age groups are 5-8yrs, 9-12yrs and 13-16yrs and items to include are small toys, games, cuddly toys, stationery, toiletries, confectionery, scarf, gloves, hat and small Christmas Card with child’s first name only.  Label box for age group and gender.  All items should be new.  This may be the only Christmas Presents these children receive.  All shoe boxes should be brought into school by Friday 23rd October 2015.

Please note if you do not have a child in P4 or P7 you may still take part in the Shoe Box Appeal.

Enterprise Month – October:

As part of Enterprise Month the Pupil Council will host a swop shop day on Wednesday 21st October 2015 for Primary 4-7 pupils. Children can bring in a maximum of three items to sell/swop. Items should cost no more than £2.00 each. Children can also bring in £4.00 to purchase items of their choice. Anyone that sells an item will be encouraged to give £1.00 to a nominated charity – School Aid Romania.

Changemaker Visit

As you are aware we are one of nine schools in Ireland who have been designated with the Changemaker School Status and remain the only school from Northern Ireland. On Wednesday 21st October 2015 we will welcome representatives from the other eight schools who will spend the day in our school taking aprt in a number of planned activities.

 Arrangements for Heavy Snowfalls:

Please note that the school will endeavour to inform parents via the school text service by 8.30am on the morning of a heavy snowfall if there is to be a school closure. It is school policy to try and remain open at all times. However, we must take into consideration access roads and approaches to school for emergency services etc, staff pupil ratio and that heating and water systems are functioning.

Confirmation:                          Sunday 6th March 2015

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely.

G Farrell (Principal)