Dear Parent/s                                                                           1st September 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to Our Lady’s & St Mochua’s PS and I hope that it will be a successful year for your child/children. Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to make an appointment with your child’s class teacher or myself to arrange a meeting.

Please note the following arrangements:

Class Arrangements 2015-16:

Primary 1:       Mrs McClelland (Temporary)   Mrs Gollogly

Primary 2:        Miss Brannigan

Primary 3:        Mrs Quinn

Primary 4:       Mr Meehan

Primary 5:        Mrs Warner

Primary 6:        Mrs Hamilton

Primary 7:       Mr Woods

Support Teacher: Mrs McClelland

 We welcome Mr Woods to our school and hope that his time with us is both enjoyable and rewarding.

Primary One Induction:

Parents are reminded that all Primary One children will go home each day at 12.00 noon until Friday 11th September 2015. Complimentary fruit will be available for all Primary One children during this two week induction.

Nut Allergy:

We ask that parents refrain from sending in nuts/food that may contain nuts of any kind with their children. This is in the interest of some children who suffer from a nut allergy.

Data Information:

Please ensure you complete the enclosed DATA INFORMATION FORM and return to school by tomorrow.


If your child requires any form of medication including inhalers you must have completed a blue medical form – please contact the school to request a form. If your child is currently on the school’s medical register please send in new medication ASAP as all current medication will be disposed of.

Child Protection:

  • Only parents of Primary One children are allowed to their classrooms in the morning. All other children should be dropped off in the school foyer.
  • Early Release Log – All parents/designated adult must complete the Early Release Log if collecting children earlier than the normal home time.
  • Any photographs or recordings taken by parents when attending school events are strictly for home use and should not be published via social media etc.


If your child requires any form of medication including inhalers you must have completed a blue medical form – please contact the school to request a form. If your child is currently on the school’s medical register please send in new medication ASAP as all current medication will be disposed of.

9.00am / Jewellery / Uniform:

No child should enter the school until 9.00am. This is for insurance and supervision purposes. Please also note that no child is to wear jewellery other than a watch. Please ensure all jewellery is removed before coming to school – including earrings. All uniform should be clearly marked with your child’s name. It is extremely difficult to find missing uniform if it is not clearly marked.

PLEASE NOTE Dinner Money:

The cost of a school dinner has increased to £2.50 per day. This should be paid every Friday in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and class.

We would ask that you pay by cheque if possible – this means that no change is required and reduces the amount of time spent on dinner money administration. It also serves as a receipt mechanism. Cheques for dinner money should be made payable to the EA Southern Region. Dinner money must be paid every Friday. Any parent wishing to pay a month at a time should do so at the beginning of the month.  *Any dinner bill which exceeds 2 weeks will mean that children must take a lunch until dinner bill is paid.

Boost Better Breaks’ Policy:

I would also like to remind you of our Boost Better Breaks’ Policy. Children are only permitted to eat fruit/small sandwich and drink milk/water at break time. Fruit for younger children should be peeled/cut up and put in a small container. There should be no yoghurts, bars etc.

Meetings with Teachers:

Please note that if you wish to speak to a class teacher you must make an appointment via the school secretary. Morning messages for class teachers should be via telephone or the school office to Maura, school secretary, Mr Farrell or Mrs Hamilton.

Monsignor McGrane Badges:

Each child will receive a new Monsignor McGrane House Badge. This must be worn as part of the school uniform. Each child will also be allowed one replacement badge. Additional badges can then be purchased on request.

Shoe Box Appeal:

Please keep all shoeboxes for our Christmas Shoe Box Appeal.

Curriculum Evenings:

All parents are asked to attend the curriculum evenings as detailed below. The teachers will outline the curriculum content and class organisation for your child/ren for the school year at this meeting. Changes to how we plan to deliver Alta Maths, Lexia and Accelerated Reading will also be explained.

Wednesday 9th September 2015:

7.00pm For parents of children in Primary Two and Primary Three

7.30pm For parents of children in Primary four and Primary five

8.00pm For parents of children in Primary six and Primary Seven

Parents of children in classes where the meetings are at the same time are advised to go to the older child’s induction meeting. Tea will be served in the school hall for anyone who has to wait between meetings.

School Funds:

Each year we ask families to donate £15.00 towards school funds. These funds are used to purchase additional resources/activities for all children. Please make your payment in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name/school funds payment. Receipts will be forwarded via text and all paid up families will be entered into a £100 Cash draw in June 2016.

PE Times:

Please find attached a copy of PE times for each class. Children in P3-7 must wear PE Uniform for PE. See attached sheet. Children who do not have a PE Gear will not be allowed to do PE. A child who forgets their gear may be offered a school football strip providing they have appropriate footwear.   Parents will be notified if a child persists in forgetting their gear.

After School Club:

Any parent who feels they would like to hold an ASC should contact me ASAP to discuss. An ASC Programme will be forwarded to appropriate classes in due course.

First Holy Communion – Do This In Memory Of Me Programme:

Parents of children in P4 should find attached a letter from Fr McKeever in relation to the above programme. It is important that all parents attend the planned meeting in St Patrick’s High School on Tuesday 8th September @ 7.30pm.

Baptismal Certificates

If your child was not baptised in the parish of Derrynoose, Keady and Madden please contact the appropriate parish and request a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate. The parish may be able to fax it direct to the school – fax number 37539133. All returns should be done as soon as possible.


Please note that as part of our Christmas Programme all children will attend the Grand Opera House on Wednesday 16th December 2015 to see Snow White. More details in due course.

School Website:

Please note the school website has been redesigned. I would like to thank Mr David McMullan for the fantastic work that he has done in providing us with a professional and user friendly site that will allow us to maximise how we promote our school. The site will be updated each Friday with information on what activities your child will be involved in, PE times, dinner menus etc. Parents are asked to ensure they visit the site regularly

School Policy on Publishing Pupils’ Images and Work:

  • The school may publish on the school website or in the local newspaper, photographs/video footage that will celebrate an individual or group of children’s work/achievements/success.
  • The school, having taking advice from the SELB Designated Child Protection Officer and in consultation with BOG, staff and parents, will publish photographs/video footage using the following guidelines;

NEWSPAPER: Photographs of an individual/group will be published with full name/s of child/ren so that achievements can be celebrated by wider community, family and friends.

WEBSITE: Photographs/video footage of an individual child will be accompanied by first name only e.g. Congratulations to John P6 who won a gold medal at the swimming gala. Photographs/video footage of a group of children will also have first names of children only. Video clippings/work will be published to youtube and linked to the site.

  • The school principal, Mr Farrell, may also give permission for other bodies to use school photographs/children’s photographs/video footage to celebrate or publicise their and the school’s work.
  • Written permission from parents or carers will be obtained before photographs/video footage of pupils is published on the school Website/Newspapers/Other Publications. This consent form is considered valid for the entire period that the child attends this school unless there is a change in the child’s circumstances where consent could be an issue.
  • Parents/carers may withdraw permission, in writing, at any time.


Holidays 2015-16:

A holiday list for the school year is attached – in the event of any changes parents will be notified ASAP.

Yours sincerely.

G Farrell (Principal)