P6 are working extremely hard both homeschooling and getting outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  This week their saying of the week was “a pep in your step”.  Mrs  H asked them to find out what the saying means and then do something this week to show the “pep in their step”.  Well some very creative replies came back to Mrs H.

Odhrán and Grace spent the week out  on their bikes, excited to be out in the beautiful sunshine.  Don’t you just love Grace’s cool sunglasses?

Édaein started the week with a definite “pep in her step” with early mornings to get her school work done and then outside.  She even helped her dad do the long awaited tidying out the shed.

Kate and Dáire L both wrote beautiful poems on friendship as part of their Charlotte’s Web work.  Like us all they’re missing their friends.

Dáire F has been doing some great work outside around his house, making fences and reseeding.  There’s even a fantastic hockey player scarecrow who most definitely has “a pep in his step”.

Aoibhinn told me that she has “a pep in her step” every morning as she jumps out of bed to get outside to see all the new puppies.  Well they are so cute so you couldn’t blame Aoibhinn.

Caolan celebrated his 10th birthday with a whole lot of “peps in his step”. Caolan had been so looking forward to his Happy Birthday song in  school.  We were able to sing it at Assembly on Monday and he got a special birthday message from Mrs H and the class on Wednesday since this was his 1st celebration in Our Lady’s and St. Mochua’s.  Yesterday was Jack’s 10th Birthday and boy did he also have “a pep in his step” Sunday morning, 1st thing at the breaking of dawn!

Harry finished a very busy week and a very warm day with a 5k cycle, up Brogue’s Lane certainly requiring a few “peps in his step” to mention nothing of poor mummy.

Caitlin spent her Saturday morning eagerly gathering sticks for their BBQ in the evening.  Great job, Caitlin.

Emma started her week on a spin bike and ended it with a power washer in her hand getting that yard as clean as a whistle.  She says she’s open for business – now if that’s not an example of “a pep in your step” then I’m not sure what is!